Our uPVC windows have an expected service life of over 50 years. Unlike inferior products they are robust and tested for use in tropical climates that can cause fading and yellowing.

Replacing your windows and doors gives you the opportunity to visually enhance the look of your home .Our windows incorporate all the best features of uPVC. Save money on air-conditioning bills with improved insulation. Your home will be more secure from intruders. Enjoy internal peace and quiet from outside noise with our amazing sound insulation qualities.

The basic profiles we use to make our windows and doors have new fully sculptured designs to suit the style of many house types giving your home a superior quality look. We have profiles available in white and wood grain. Our multi-point locking systems from leading European hardware suppliers combine with a high quality reinforced steel core.

We provide a wide range of window and door types like: sliding, casement, projected, tilt and turn, voltswagon, internal doors and folding doors. Our products come in different colour profiles, from white, golden oak, to dark grey and a host of other colours. We are also into fabrication and installation of curtain walls and facades. Our range of products can be categorised as: