About Us

Our Story

Incorporated in 2013, Profad Glazing Systems is a trusted and established brand in the production and installation of UPVC doors, windows and aluminium products in Ghana.

We have a distinctive position among WIN HAUS manufacturer dealers, and is well known for emphasis on quality as well as its innovative and flexible structures in the developing market conditions.

Our products and services range from UPVC and Aluminium windows and doors, curtain walls, balustrades and facades. They are geared towards delivering superior customer satisfaction in a safe, environmentally friendly, social responsible and secure manner. Our customer value proposition takes into consideration the budget, aesthetics, social and security preferences and needs of the end user.

Our products are noted for high quality, superior performance, durability, effective sound abatement/ management and excellent energy management.

# Profad Facts

  • 100% Ghanaian
  • Superior Quality Guaranteed
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Socially Responsible
  • Aesthetically Pleasing
  • Affordably Priced

Our Vision

As a company, our vision is to make our products a product of choice to every builder in the Ghanaian and West African sub regions. We are committed to delivering a superior product performance at a competitive and affordable price produced in accordance with international standards. We aspire to be an employer of choice to our dynamic customer responsive team.

Our Mission

Our mission is to manufacture and deliver world class, environmentally friendly products using socially responsible processes in the area of shade, shelter and security and to satisfy the needs of our customers within Ghana and the West African sub region.

What defines us and our work

...redefining decoration with passion for people with passion

Quality and Elegance

We manufacture and install high quality environmentally friendly European standard UPVC windows and doors.

Whether you want to replace old wood or aluminum windows and doors with modern advanced UPVC units or if you need UPVC windows and doors for any new build project we can bring that new look to your house or any other structure.

Each and every UPVC window or door is made to order to your specification and designed to compliment the look and feel of your dream home, whether it be at the countryside or in the city

Perfection is the key

We are the perfect team to provide your dream house with a contemporary touch of art and decoration in UPVC windows, doors and other accessories.

We strive to provide reliable after-sales support services. We implement quality management systems and undertake continuous research and development of our processes to ensure that we are always the leading firm in the industry in Ghana and the world at large.

Profad is privileged to have unique international partnerships and affiliations that bring to bear over 30 years experience in the UPVC industry, manufacturing and installing for the European markets, providing comprehensive technical expertise which covers all aspects of design, fabrication and installation of windows and doors.